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Great Brickhill Parish Council

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The Great Brickhill Parish Council is normally comprised of 7 members, and meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 19:30 in the Parish Hall, apart from the month of August. All parishioners are welcome to attend our meetings, but please be aware that comment during the meetings is limited to the public participation section unless otherwise invited by The Chair.   We generally aim to finish our meetings by 21:30

Councillors (note: all Parish councillors can be contacted by email using the information on our Contact page):
Chair; Chris Leech
Vice Chair;  Barbara Wight
Deepak Bhadri
Keith Boad
David Bratt 
Ray Kettle
Anthony Middleton

Clerk to the Council; Karen Barker

Key Information:

Great Brickhill Parish Council Freedom of Information policy can be downloaded using this link

Freedom of information Policy

Great Brickhill Data Protection Policy can be accessed by clicking on the following link
It is possible that an organisation within The Parish may apply to The Parish Council for a small grant to assist with funding for a specific project, our policy on the awarding of such a grant, and the procedure for applying is outlined in the following document:

The annual meeting of the council is held in May of each year, during such meetings a report on matters which have arisen over the year is made by the parish, district and county councillors as well as by a representative of the local police, High Ash School, the Cricket Club, Parish Hall Committee and other village bodies. More general public comment is invited at the annual meeting and all parishoners are invited to attend and get involved at this meeting.

Notices of Parish Council meetings are posted on the notice board by the Parish Hall

For bookings of The Parish Hall, please call 01525 261637

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