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Thank you for all your comments regarding the proposed development at Eaton Leys Farm


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  1. As a coach driver who picks up children in your village I am worried about the hedges growing out into the roads on the approaches to the village fron M K end and three locks end they are causing larger vehicles to drive in the middle of the road to avoid damaging wing mirrors. Perhaps a letter to the land owners concerned would help.
    Yours sincerly
    Bruce Wiseman.

    • Dear Mr Wiseman
      Thank you for your post. We share your concern and have put a note in our Parish newsletter twice over the past 3-4 months advising owners that they should do just that, I will add your note to the correspondence received at the Parish Council meeting for February as well, so your complaint is minuted. Recent high winds bringing down Ivy growing in hedgerows has not helped the matter either.

      Chris Leech

  2. To whom it may concern

    We would like to run a singing and promotion session in the village hall car park starting on the 16th September 9.15am till 10.15am. We are your local children centre and will be using the mobile children centre bus .

    Please could you contact us to confirm this is acceptable

    many thanks

    Anita Steward-Lees

    • Dear Anita.
      Can you please give me some more information about who you are, and how many times you propose to be doing this so I can pass your message along to others on the Parish Council
      Thank you
      Chris Leech

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