The Village Improvement Committee, otherwise known as VIC is a group of volunteers, both Parish councillors and general members of the public who take on small jobs around the village with the aim of improving the environs of the village for all to enjoy. In days long gone by such tasks would be undertaken by a council employee, but in the present economic climate, no such employee exists and many small jobs get un-attended to which leaves the village looking shabby. Examples of jobs undertaken by VIC are clearing road gutters and pavements of weeds and soil build-up. Trimming of Parish owned hedgerows, repair of Parish owned fencing, maintenance and indeed at present, the creation of ‘pocket parks’ within the parish  which are wildlife sanctuaries for all to enjoy. VIC is open to anyone, we meet up most Saturday’s at 9 am for 3 or so hours of gentle work. If you feel like you would like to make an active contribution to the upkeep of our beautiful village and would get pleasure from knowing ‘I did that’ as you walk or drive past a newly neatened part of the village, then come and join VIC, even it it is not for every week, or you cannot spare a full 3 hours, your contribution would be most welcome.

Contact Clllr Kettle, or Leech to find out where we will be working in the coming weeks.

Below are a selection of photographs showing projects VIC has been involved with.

Creating Base for Rotten Row bench

Re-installing Rotten Row road sign

Clearing scrub at Poors Acre

Installing new bench in the church yard

Installing new bench in the church yard

Path construction in Poors Acre

Path construction in Poors Acre

Installing new soak-away drain  at the Parish Hall

Installing new soak-away drain at the Parish Hall

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