Poors Acre Pocket Park

Pathway at Poors Acre
The Village Improvement Committee, supported financially by The Parish Council has been hard at work renovating this piece of parish owned land on Heath Road just North of the S bend, to create a Pocket Park of approximately 1 acre, which is e an amenity for the whole village to enjoy. To comply with Buck’s Roads Department regulations, the off-road parking area was edged with a low kerb which also helps prevent the gravel material from spreading onto the road. Some of the older residents of the village know the site as Sand Hole, it had been used as an informal village dump in days gone by, the remains of which have now been cleared and levelled and is the area seen from the road. This has been  grassed over. But take the newly constructed pathways and venture beyond the levelled off area and the ground quickly drops away into an area of beautiful natural woodland populated by mature Oaks, Hollies, Ash and Elm trees with a small glade at the southern end in stark contrast to the road side area.
A meandering circular path has been created, approximately 200 metres in length which leads the visitor around the natural woodland, with care taken to reduce gradients on the path where ever possible to make the park as accessible as possible to all. In spring the natural woodland is a spectacular carpet of blue bells. It should be noted that the park is frequented by Foxes, Rabbits and other burrowing mammals, and The Parish Council request that visitors do not venture from the marked path through the woodland area as deep burrows exist for the unaware to fall into.
A small pond has been created in a natural depression, which will further increase the bio-diversity by encouraging insects, frogs, toads and newts and invertebrates.

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