Woburn Woods

This walk is not a definitive route, but merely a set of suggestions for the more adventurous and confident at map reading. The woods to the east of Little Brickhill offer some excellent possibilities and if you take the paths through the woods along the Greensand Ridge, to the NW of the road to Woburn Golf Club they offer excellent views over Milton Keynes and as many ups and downs are involved offer good exercise. The routes through the woods are many, and for the most part stay dry, but if you start at the style just by the T junction in the Woburn Road from Lt Brickhill which leads to the golf club and whenever to come across a junction in the paths keep turning right, then you cannot go too far wrong as the woods are bounded on the right by the golf club which keeps you from going off course. By following this rule you will eventually come out at the church at the top of Bow Brickhill where you can turn back right by the Microwave tower and follow the bridal path through the golf club which ends up within 300 metres of where you started from. For the more adventurous from the church you can carry on in the same direction along the crest of the ridge eventually arriving in Woburn Sands. From there if you turn hard right at the roundabout and follow the road, and then byway through Aspley Heath you will arrive back at the golf club after proceeding straight over the cross roads where the byway ends.

One very impressive feature in these woods, and to be found within 400 metres of the initial style is a grove of large Sequoiadendron commonly known as Wellingtonia, and a close relative of the giant Californian Redwood trees. The largest ones are 2 metres diameter at the base and it is well worth following this route if only to view these giant trees. These are not as large as the coastal Californian redwoods but rank amongst the larger trees to be found in the UK.

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