Walk 2, Hill Bottom Spinney

This walk is just under 2 miles and follows green tracks and over fields for most of its length. The route described starts from The Three Trees, but an alternative start, which avoids the walk along Heath Road, starts from the top of Pound Hill and goes down the path starting by the School gates directly down to Blue Gate Farm. There are several stiles on this walk which have to be hurdled, but it affords views of the village which cannot be seen from the local roads and is a pleasant open route although the ground can be a little soft in winter and after prolonged wet weather. As with all of the described routes, variations and extensions are always possible given the confidence and fitness of the walkers.

Walk2 Hillbottom Spinney

Walk 2, Hillbottom Spinney

From The Three Trees, walk along Heath Road to Blue Gate Farm (0.5mile). Over the stile and cross the gravel drive, past the stable blocks and into a green lane. Follow this lane passing Hillbottom Spinney and pond on your left until its end.

Go over the stile and then follow the line of the overhead wires across this field and the next, to a stile in the corner of the next field (distance from start; 1 mile) Over the stile and from here you can turn Right towards Rammamere Farm and then right again to gain entry to Rammamere Heath. Our route however turns left (West) here back towards the village. With the horse boxes at Home Farm are visible ahead, follow the field boundary with the hedge on your left, and after a short turn to the right, a stile with a dog gate is to be found in the corner of the field, over this and head across two fields heading towards a prominent tall tree. Over the stile and head directly towards Home Farm. Keep the hedge on your right and after passing a boggy dip in the field (winter months) a stile on the right allows access to a field with a ménage in its near corner. Turn left, go around the ménage and into Home Farm Lane. Turn left and back up to Green End.

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