Eaton Leyes farm

Distance: 6 miles.

A varied route both in terrain, type of path or road and even geology. It explores the far reaches of the Parish to the North and West of the village Crossing from the Cretaceous aged sandstone ridge on which Gt Brickhill stands to the Jurassic aged clays in the vale below and  back on to the Cretaceous ridge again at its end. Crossing the A4146 is not for the faint hearted, but you can make it easier by detouring 150 yards and crossing at the roundabout where there is a refuge halfway across the road.

Start at the Church and follow route 1 down to Westfield Farm and then onto the canal where this route turns right. Pass Willowbridge Marina and under 3 subsequent bridges until you reach the 4th bridge, turn right and pass by Mill Farm. At the bridge over the River Ouzel take the footbridge on the left, go across the small field and then skirt by the barns of Eaton Leys Farm keeping them on your right. Through a stile and cross the  pasture keeping close to the hedge on your left.  Through the stile into a field laid to crops, keeping straight on  until you reach the A4146. Cross straight over and into the large field on the opposite side or the road. Cross this diagonally to the left, heading for a notch in its far boundary, then follow the track heading up the hill keeping the hedge on your right. Upon reaching the old A5, turn right, go up the hill into Little Brickhill. Just as you enter the village turn right at the public footpath sign. Go down past a ménage and horse paddocks, cross the small stream in the valley bottom, then turn right and follow the meandering small path through woods which then bears back round to the left and along the side of a large fishing pond. 200 yards after leaving the pond you arrive at Lt Brickhill Lane, turn right and follow it back into Gt Brickhill