Walking in Great Brickhill

Great Brickhill is located in an officially designated Area of Attractive Landscape, and offers a tranquil oasis in-between Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard.

There are approximately 16 miles public footpaths and bridalways around the village, which are generally well signposted and stiles and gates are in good condition, some of the paths which go across arable land and some pastures can become soft after periods of wet weather so walkers should take care and wear appropriate footwear. For those wanting to explore our local countryside which is a mixture of pasture, arable land and some woodland, the Ordnance Survey Explorer Series Map # 192 covers the village and surrounding areas and all of the walks described on the linked pages can be followed using this map which shows all relevant rights of way.

Great Brickhill from Stoke Hammong Lock

Great Brickhill from Stoke Hammond lock

Not described in any great detail on any of the walks, Stockgrove Country Park with its recently added Rushmere Park which can be access  directly from the village via Cuff Lane offer a wonderful resource for walking, horse riding and cycling, with varied terrain, varied woodland,  many well marked paths and even a café and visitor centre  with toilets at the main public access point for the park along Heath Road. Please note at the time of writing (April 2011) a second access with 100 space car park is being created from close to Rushmere crossroad on Old Linslade Road, Heath & Reach, which will allow direct access to the Rushmere Park side of the enhanced park and take pressure off the main Stockgrove Park entrance, see http://www.greensandtrust.org for full details and maps of the paths around the enhanced park.

For those not wanting to venture so far off the roads, our own ‘pocket park’ can be found at  Foxhole which is along John Horncapps Lane towards the northern end of the village. Created about 5 years ago on the site of one of the village dumps, Foxhole is an excellent example of how derelict land can be regenerated with care and some annual maintenance to provide both a public amenity and also a wildlife reserve. A short circular  path leads around the park  which affords views of the village not possible from elsewhere.

All of the walks described here are well signposted so hopefully you will not have trouble following them. For greater detail than the route sketches  appended to each route description, the OS Explorer Series sheet number 192 mentioned above  is well worth purchasing.  If anyone has any favourite route they would like to see published, please contact the web content manager. Note  there are many variations that can be taken on all of the routes which can be taken as you get more familiar with them and your surroundings.

Note, the Parish Council accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage to property of anyone following these routes, and they do so entirely at their own risk.

Path from Church Lane to Manor Field

Path from Church Lane to Manor Field

As part of an initiative to use the network of footpaths in the village more, I have  described a series of circular walks of varying length around the village. Some of the routes, by necessity pass in to neighbouring parishes. On the whole the paths are waymarked well by circular footpath disks, and stiles are  generally  in good condition, if not particularly friendly for those with medium to large dogs, as you may find you have to lift them over some of them. In all cases please close all gates behind you and keep dogs on a lead or close control when walking through fields in case livestock is present, and please do not leave dog poo behind you wrapped in nice little non-degradable bags which will stay on the path side for years to come .

For any comments, or errors, please contact Chris Leech on 261416 There may be interest in forming a walking group in the village, where regular short walks can be coordinated and led by a knowledgeable person.  If this is of interest please contact me via the webmaster contact form and depending on the amount of interest, I will see if such a group can be organised.

For those of you wanting to venture slightly further afield, the Bucks CC web site has many walks of varying lengths desribed all across the county the web address where you can find descriptions is: www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/row/walks.page

If you find any paths and bridal ways to be in poor condition, or obstructed for whatever reason, please contact Mr Phil Turner, the Bucks CC Area Rights of way officer on 01296 383466  or  via email mailto:pturner@buckscc.gov.uk