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Great Brickhill is a village of just under 900 persons situated in the North East of Buckinghamshire, surrounded by a designated Area of Attractive Landscape.


Administratively it is served by Buckinghamshire County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council, the offices of both are situated in Aylesbury, and is locally served by the Great Brickhill Parish Council. Great Brickhill is in the Buckingham Parliamentary constituency.


Geographically, Great Brickhill is situated some 6 km to the North of Leighton Buzzard, 18 km North East of Aylesbury, and 10 km South East of Central Milton Keynes and sits at an altitude of approximately 140m above sea level on a ridge of Cretaceous aged sandstone known locally as The Greensand Ridge.


The lower lying land to the North and North West of the village centre are comprised of Jurassic aged clays, which has been mined for many centuries in nearby Newton Longville as it forms an excellent raw material for brick making. Many of the stone buildings in the village are built from locally quarried sandstone, the brick buildings are formed from locally manufactured bricks and most probably the sand used in the mortar comes from quarries in nearby Heath & Reach.


Update:  October 2016.

The Parish Council has been asked to express their views on the plans to Modernise Local Government in Buckinghamshire, essentially outline plans to look at one, two or three unitary authorities within the current areas that make up Buckinghamshire as well as suggestions on divesting responsibility for a number of services to the local Parish Councils and how the costs of that could be handled. Should you wish to know more, please see the below linked documents.


Modernising Local Government – Main Document

Modernising Local Government – Executive Summary



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